Products details

  • 3D ECO Lab
  • All of our products are manufactured by following the guidelines of GMP, Environment Canada and Health Canada.

    Not only that, we also follow the rules and regulations set up by CFIA (Canada) EPA & FDA (USA) and European Union.

    3D Eco Chemical Labs is committed to creating high quality ecofriendly industrial and medical grade disinfectants and cleaning products which are designed to reduce and even eliminate the threat of pathogens be it bacteria, viruses, fungus, or even mould.

  • Farmasi
  • Farmasi is a Turkish manufacturer of Skin care &personal care products made from natural components.

    Currently the Farmasi range comprises of more than 250 items including creams, face masks, peelings, body balms, tanning, bath care products, message oil, bath bubbles, bath oils, baby care products and intimate hygiene products as well as hair care like shampoo and conditioner.

  • 961(Professional Style Hair Gel)
  • 961 is a Lebanon hair gel which related to hair styling products and we have it for all the hair types.

  • Fruit Mania
  • Fruit Mania is a Spanish lip balm care products made from natural components with many tastes.

  • Aqua Vera
  • Aqua Vera is a Turkish manufacturer of Skin care, Personal care and hair care products made from natural components which are suitable for all the skin & hair types including face wash, Face Foam, Toner, day & night cream, shampoo and conditioner.

  • Mounit Al ARZ
  • The lushness of the Lebanese soil, paired with the cooperative Mediterranean weather, bears exceptional fruits rich in color and flavor.

    All of our ingredients are handpicked and individually selected for the best possible taste. This is where we harvest our all-natural.

    Specialties, such as jams, preserves, seasonings, flower waters, and other products made with love, the traditional Lebanese way