3d Eco


Heavy duty, low foam alkaline cleaner


  • l:l0Heavy load of soil,fat,proteins and food remains
  • l:l2Medium cleaning
  • l:50General cleaning

It is essential to ensure that all surfaces are thorougly rinsed with fresh water.

Technical Specification

  • Color: Transparent pH: 12.0-12.5
  • Fragrance: Green Apple LONO (CFIA): Yes
  • Solubility in water : Complete
  • Physical state: Non Viscousliquid

30 Eco Alkaline cleaner is a low foam in place cleaner specifically designed to remove fats, proteins, starch and soil from food manufacturing and food processing areas.

It is composed of alkalies, surfactants, chelating agents and corrosion inhibitors.

The synergistic effect of these ingredients gives this product excelle nt cleaning properties.


Bakeries, dairies, meat processing plants and beverage industry. In proper dilution, this product is suitable for all manual and automatic cleaning procedures.

It can be used for cleaning pots, pans, tanks, mixers and other food handling equipments.

Special Features:

  • Heavy Duty Equipment and surface cleaner
  • Pleasant Green Apple Fragrance
  • Biodegradable
  • Free from Alcohol, Phosphates,Ammunia and chlorine.
  • Safe for food handling facilities


Keep out of reach of children.Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Always wear gloves, body and eye protection.Always read MSDS before use.

Never mix chemicals together without proper instructions. Only use those chemicals which ore properly labeled. Report spills and accidents immediately.

Packing:lL, 4L, 20L

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